eSAS™ Electronic Speed Awareness Sign

Lightweight, easy to set-up and operate, self-contained radar enabled unit


Addressing Speeding and Obtaining Traffic Statistics

Traffic Management with eSAS:
- Reduce speed by interacting with individual drivers

- Automatically collect and store traffic statistics via embedded radar

- Compare speeding impact of different traffic plans

- Reduce job risks for your first line traffic workers

Available for hire Australia-wide.


Why eSAS?

Speeding remains one of the most critical aspects of road safety. Construction- and temporary road work sites are affected in particular as road workers operate right next or even in front of live traffic and speeding motorists.

The Monash University Accident Research Centre estimated that 11% reduction in travel speed will reduce the number of fatal road accidents by 40%. The Road Accident Research Unit at the University of Adelaide estimated that a 5 km/h decrease in average urban travel speed will cut fatal accidents involving pedestrians by 32%.

(Source: Investing in new Technology to reduce accidents and improve Safety in Transport, David Healy)


This battery system can be controlled with 4 easy switches embedded in the display unit. Operators choose the speed limit between 20-120 km\h the actual speed is displayed to approaching vehicles. A smiley or sad face is shown in response to the approaching vehicles.

The eSAS is commonly used in a variety of traffic management scenarios, including major worksites and local car parks to increase speed awareness and analysis speed statistics.


  • Create speed awareness
  • Slow down live traffic using several display options
  • Record traffic statistics
  • Compare driving behaviour for different traffic plans and display options
  • Assess speeding patterns 
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to set-up portable sign
  • Self-contained unit, incl. battery, tripod leg, radar, SD card
  • Single-handed, extremely easy switches based configuration
  • Speed specific display of:
    • Actual drivers speed
    • Sad or smiley faces depending on speed compliance
    • Supporting text messages to keep speed limit
  • Advanced data logging via embedded radar unit:
    • Plug and play excel download without extra software
    • Logging GPS location
    • Logging vehicle time stamp, corresponding speed
  • Expandable with front camera recording and multi lane radar for advanced, vehicle type specific statistics

How it works?

  • Connect the display to the battery provided and data collection starts immediately
  • Set site specific speed limit with simple up/down switch
  • YOU decide via 3 yes/no switches 1) to show speed to each driver 2) to show smiley or sad face 3) to show supporting message
  • Remove SD card for excel data download after your collection cycle is finished

Automated Data Logging in Excel Format:

  • GPS location of the device
  • Each car, average speed and timestamp


  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Long term hire


  • Delivery Available and custom set up as per requirements
  • Replacement in case of faulty or damage