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HIRE eSTOP™ Portable Traffic Light (Standard, Multi, Auto):

Save lives and reduce injuries with eSTOP™. Keep your Traffic Controllers out of danger with portable traffic signal systems. The first TYPE 1 APPROVED portable traffic light system, the eSTOP™ has undergone extensive testing and development and is designed to remove traffic controllers away from the hazard zone.

eSTOP™ has been approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and is registered under the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council.

From 1 July 2018, it is proposed that this requirement will be widened to include roads with AADT exceeding 1000 vehicles/day and approach speed limit (prior to the works occurring) of 80 km/h or faster.


Viewing distance: It stands out can can be viewed from a greater distance, giving motorists more time to react.

Greater visibility: In low light, overcast and foggy conditions, motorists can not see traffic controllers, but they don’t miss the eSTOP™.

Sun safety: Traffic controllers can stand in the shade away from harmful rays, fatigue and dehydration.

Portability: The eSTOP™ provides a more portable, easier to deploy alternative to heavy and hard to handle trailer mounted traffic lights.

Time tested reliability: Invented by Arrowes in 2016, the eSTOP™ has been built to the highest standards and time tested for endurance and performance.


  • Replaces stop/slow batton with remote controlled traffic lantern.
  • Enables traffic controllers to perform duties safely away from live traffic.
  • Remove controllers from facing abuse and hydration related risks.
  • Reduces near misses by up to 93%.
  • The most widely use PTSS across Australia and New Zealand.


Available for hire Australia wide. Pick up or collection.


In its standard configuration, each eSTOP™ lantern can be controlled either by one person in when PAIRED, or two people when independently PAIRED. In PAIR mode one traffic controller can control two lanterns at the same time while the Hand Remote Controller (HRC), in this mode of operation, the fail-safe feature ensures no two green lanterns on at the same time.

  • 2x traffic lights per set
  • 2x adjustable legs
  • 2x hand held controls
  • 15 hours battery life (fully charged), Low battery indicator
  • Operation & set up user sheet
  • Durable carry cases
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Type 1 approved across Australia and New Zealand
  • Fail-safe features to prevent 2 green lanterns at the same time
  • Tilt and rotation alarms
  • Ergonomic design with robust, light weight components of max 8.4 kg
  • Integrated target board (compulsory in NSW & NZ) PATENT ID 2020100318
  • Small Hand Remote Controller (HRC), UV protected, rated IP65 with range of up to 400 m, able to control up to 2 lanterns
  • Handling protection, IP65 rated cable connections at all device parts to make reverse connections impossible
  • Adjustable tripod legs for uneven surfaces, adjustable height
  • Wind-load tested
  • Fully encrypted for advanced cybersecurity
  • Operate from a safe distance (up to 400m with option to increase distance)
  • When paired can be operated with one controller whilst the other takes a break or is on rotation
  • Reduces overheads

eSTOP™ Standard Multi

Provides all features of the eSTOP™ Standard but with the ability to control up to 4 lanterns with a single HRC.

In Multi Pair mode, one button will control two lanterns simultaneously. For example, when deployed on one end of a two-lane road to ensure visibility for both lanes, or to control the exit of a construction site and temporarily close all traffic when mobile plants leave.

  • Traffic lights per set*
  • Adjustable legs*
  • Hand held controls*
  • Same features as eSTOP
  • Please do note that the units paired on that same button will change colour simultaneously.
  • *quantity as per client request

eSTOP™ Auto

Simple to use, the eSTOP™ AUTO applies the pre-programmed logic and regulates traffic under human supervision.

The embedded vehicle radar ensures shortest possible waiting times and can overrule “green” periods when no vehicle is approaching to let the waiting vehicle on red proceed. A countdown embedded in the yellow traffic light engages with waiting motorists to avoid situations of jumping the red light, or frustrated motorists.

Based on the most deployed eSTOP™ solution across Australia and New Zealand – the eSTOP™ AUTO is extremely portable allowing for fast deploy providing frontline workers safer work environments in situations where they would otherwise have to work without any traffic control solution; such as emergency jobs and working on road bends.

Provides all features of the eSTOP™ Standard, plus the following:

  • Easy and simple configuration of waiting and clearance time via latest HRC X
  • Human supervision only, no human intervention required after activation of AUTO mode
  • Ability to operate in AUTO and MANUAL mode
  • Up to 2km distance with clear line of sight
  • Vehicle actuated: override Auto mode when vehicle is detected (available as option)

Patent Application ID: 2020901429


  • Daily Hire
  • Weekly Hire
  • Monthly Hire
  • Long term Hire


  • Delivery Available and custom set up as per requirements
  • 24 hour Troubleshooting & breakdown service

eSTOP Tutorial Part 1 - General Information

eSTOP Tutorial Part 2 - Set Up

eSTOP Tutorial Part 3 - Maintenance & Troubleshooting