Variable Message Sign (VMS) Trailer

Standard Amber & Colour Board

Available in C Size and A Size


VMS Boards can be used for a broad range of applications. They are trailer-mounted self-powered units via solar panels enabled with battery back-up. All units have inbuilt satellite GPS tracking. Built to AS 4852.2-2009 Australian Standards & RMS Technical Specifications No. P3104A.

Ideal for Road Safety Messages, Real-Time Traffic Information, Speed Advisory Signs (use of radar), Sales & Promotional Campaigns, Events & Festivals.

Multiple programming ability via PC, SMS, Internet & Keyboard. Fully solar powered & environmentally friendly. VMS Board accessories include a camera for live streaming and a radar detection and blue track monitoring device. VMS Trailers have radar capabilities.

The 'C' Size display both amber & colour, any range of messages composed of letters, symbols and animations in 5 different high visibility colours. It's a must for efficient local traffic management, roadwork safety and is a very effective advertising tool.

The 'A' Size is a smaller screen and trailer than 'C' Size.

Delivery available.

Available for hire Australia wide.


VMS trailer is available for hire with the following items:


  • Colour - fonts and images
  • Standard amber colour - fonts and images
  • Multi page display
  • Frame display
  • Continuous looping display
  • Radar capabilities
  • Remote access
  • Trailer mounted & registered


  • Daily Hire
  • Weekly Hire
  • Monthly Hire
  • Long term Hire


  • Delivery Available and custom set up as per requirements
  • 24 hour breakdown service