eSAS available for hire: addressing speeding and obtaining traffic statistics

Why eSAS?

Speeding remains one of the most critical aspects of road safety. Construction- and temporary road work sites are affected in particular as road workers operate right next or even in front of live traffic and speeding motorists.

The Monash University Accident Research Centre estimated that 11% reduction in travel speed will reduce the number of fatal road accidents by 40%. The Road Accident Research Unit at the University of Adelaide estimated that a 5 km/h decrease in average urban travel speed will cut fatal accidents involving pedestrians by 32%.

(Source: Investing in new Technology to reduce accidents and improve Safety in Transport, David Healy)


The eSAS can be used to reduce speed ahead or within roadwork zones, high risk areas or ahead of traffic controllers with or without the eSTOP. The data logging function enables a variety of advanced statistics and reporting functions in excel format.

eSAS, in its standard size and design, is based on the ArrowES eSTOP tripod leg and new battery system and can be controlled with not more than 4 easy switches embedded in the display unit. Operators can choose the applied speed limit (20-120km/h), if actual speed gets displayed to approaching vehicles (yes/no), if a smiley or sad face is shown as response to actual speed (yes/no) and if a supporting text message is shown (yes/no). Simple button selection!

(Source: Arrow Emergency Systems)

eSAS electronic speed awareness sign