Cone Truck

Pod Truck


Traffic Management Implementation Vehicle - TMIV

TMIV's are the best option for a FAST traffic management implementation. Designed to carry traffic control signs and devices that can be accessed from both sides of the TIMV. Has the capacity to carry more signs than a standard traffic control ute and approx. 300 cones at once, our vehicles are ideal for mining, highway & long distances traffic management implementation. Our TMIVs have the capability to carry up to 3 passengers (driver and 2 passengers). They provide maximum safety to the workers and rapid job implementation. Your company can save time and money using our TMIVs.

Available for hire Australia wide.


Cone truck is available for hire with the following items:


  • Meets and exceeds all mandatory government requirements and AUS/NZ Standards
  • Type B Colour VMS Board (Colour and Standard Amber)
  • Forward, cab, rear deck and rear cameras
  • All camera data recorded
  • GPS
  • Type C Arrow board
  • Easy access to safety control panel
  • Rear deck working lights
  • Reverse alarm and Reverse camera
  • Dual UHF radios
  • Safety cut off switch
  • Safety harness
  • Cones and signage upon application
  • Car license
  • Fire extinguisher / First aid kit / Wheel chocks
  • Dual battery / Battery isolation switches
  • Hand break alarm


  • Daily Hire
  • Weekly Hire
  • Monthly Hire
  • Long Term Hire


  • Delivery Available and custom set up as per requirements
  • 24 hour breakdown service